Walter Strang 1908-1940

Walter Strang born 1/12/1908 in Glasgow
Walter Martin Strang and Jeanie Ritchie Macfarlane married on Wednesday 6 September 1905 in Glasgow, Scotland. The couple had seven children, Walter being the second child (after Alex - 1907), born on Tuesday 1 December 1908 at 11:05 a.m. at 139 Morrison Street, Glasgow. They will be followed by Archie (1912), Duncan (1913), Elizabeth (1915), Margaret (1917) and James (1919). None of the siblings is alive today.

Walter's parents decide to emigrate to Canada in 1912 most likely in search for a better life. They swap the grey industrial city of Glasgow for a sunny future in Canada.

Many Scottish people emigrated to the east coast of Canada (Nova Scotia), which was then a self-governing Dominion of the British Empire. These people often clung to their traditions and customs. The Strang family, for instance, remained faithful to the United Church. So far we know little about the period from 1912 to 1940, but we do know that Walter attends High School for just one year and later becomes a house painter.

On Saturday 12 September 1936 Walter marries Florence; the couple will remain childless. They live on 310 Hillsdale Avenue East in Toronto.

From 1928 to 1930 Walter Strang is a reservist with the Toronto Scottish Regiment. On 15 July 1940 he again registers as a reservist and signs up as a volunteer for the Canadian Army on Thursday 26 September 1940. Walter takes the oath to His Majesty George VI with N. J. Black as his witness and is assigned to the Machine Gun peloton of the Toronto Scottish with service number B.77074.

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