An 'Unknown' soldier

Getting to know Walter Strang

Canadian private Walter Strang fell on the 19th of April 1945 in Hoevelaken. Each year on May 4 we walk in silence to his monument, close to where Strang was killed. This way the town of Hoevelaken commemorates her liberators and all those who lost their life due to acts of war. The text on the First monument - erected in 1946 - reads: "Hier sneuvelde 19-4-'45 W. STRANG van het Canadeesche leger, in zijn nagedachtenis eeren wij onze bevrijders" (Here fell 19-4-'45 W. STRANG of the Canadian army, in his memory we honour are liberators).

Until May 2005 W. Strang remains an 'unknown' soldier to us. However, at that point in time two inhabitants of Hoevelaken, Theo Zuurman and Wim Rhebergen, decide - quite independently from each other - to investigate the background of this 'unknown' soldier. Both want to discover the real person, to get to know him. By now, various publications have appeared and we have come to know the real Walter Strang a little better. Also, on October 5th 2007 the Walter Strang Foundation was established. Deze site informeert u over de doelstellingen en activiteiten van de Foundation in het bijzonder, Walter Strang en Hoevelaken in de Tweede Wereld Oorlog, dit laatste deel volgt in de loop van 2008.