The 'Walter Strang Foundation' has been set up on 5 October 2007 in Hoevelaken in the office of the notary public Mr. Dijkstra. On 15 October 2007 this foundation was registered with the Chamber of Commerce for the Gooi- and Eemland region under number 32127067.

The board of the foundation consists of Theo Zuurman, chairman, Gerrit van Middendorp, treasurer, and Maarten Doude van Troostwijk, secretary. All three live in Hoevelaken. You may request a copy of the entire statute at the FoundationŐs address. The main aims of the Walter Strang Foundation are:

1. The foundation aims to:
Preserve the memory of those allies involved in the liberation of Hoevelaken and specifically of Walter Strang who fell in Hoevelaken on the 19th of April 1945. Other persons/resistance fighters who fell in Hoevelaken in World War II as a result of the German occupation may be included in these commemorative activities in a broader sense.

2. The foundation aims to attain its goals by raising funds for, among other things:
A. erecting and maintaining a monument at Park Weldam in Hoevelaken
B. facilitating the publication of articles in the press, books, films, videos, DVDs, a website or any other form of media;
C. preparing/publishing educational material, specifically for the benefit of the (primary) schools in Hoevelaken;
D. any other and further activities that are connected with the abovementioned in the broadest sense or may be conducive to the abovementioned.

Donations will be received with thanks on account number 1383.97.805
Walter Strang Foundation, Hoevelaken